Vitus Evans, Executive Director of the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission (BGLC), has emphasized that the goal of the Commission’s public consultation on gambling advertising is one of balancing commercial interests and social responsibility. He was speaking at the Commission’s public consultation event, hosted by Dr Aggrey Irons, at the Terra Nova Hotel on Monday, November 20.

The BGLC, said Evans, is seeking to develop advertising guidelines which will allow for healthy competition but at the same time help to minimize potential harm and encourage responsible gaming conduct.

The protection of public health and consumer welfare is paramount, he said, and the consultation research will help to identify measures that can be incorporated in the Commission’s advertising guidelines to safeguard vulnerable individuals, prevent problem gaming and ensure that advertisements provide accurate and responsible information.

The public consultation is also an online e-survey, accessed at on the Commission’s website and will continue through to Friday, December 1. 2023. All stakeholders, including consumers, betting, gambling and lottery operators and members of the public have been invited to share their views on these proposals in the consultation online. Wendy Robertson, Manager, Corporate Affairs and Communication, disclosed that 81 per cent of respondents, to date, agreed with the proposal to introduce new advertising and marketing standards for gambling and gambling-related products. When asked to give their reasons it was expressed by respondents that an advertising code of conduct would be helpful if it was simple and easy to comply with and does not stifle the creativity of the gaming industry. It was also felt that it would be helpful for the protection of children and prevent the public from being deceived in any way.


The public may choose to respond to any or all the questions posted on the online survey and all responses will be considered. Names of individuals, or the organisations they are responding on behalf of, will be published on the Commission’s website as part of the published responses to this consultation.


For further information please contact:


Miss Wendy Robertson

Manager, Corporate Affairs & Communication

Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission

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