Is the BGLC a part of Supreme Ventures Limited?

No, the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC) is a government statutory body reporting to the Ministry of Finance, mandated to regulate the following sectors of the Gaming Industry:

  • Betting (including sports betting and betting on Horse Racing),
  • Gaming (the operation of gaming lounges and gaming machines) and
  • Lotteries (the operations of all lottery games).

Supreme Ventures Ltd. (SVL) pays a license fee to the BGLC in order to be a registered operator of its lottery games, and other licensing fees to operate other SVL-owned facilities and services. adherence SVL is thus referred to as a licensee of the BGLC, just like other licensees also considered fit and proper to conduct betting, gaming in the island, such as betting shops, gaming lounges, or the owner of a gaming machine in a bar on a street corner. The BGLC also audits the operations of its licensees to ensure they are in compliance with tax and other laws of the country.